#waitingforBIGBANG Meme: Heartbreaker era or Coup D’etat era?

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kang daesung

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i’m so happy with life, i feel like i’m on air.

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   well... i see you like a snake. don't get me wrong- it's just... hypnotic, you know? they are so painfully beautiful, with delightful colors and strange beauty. hypnotic beauty. if they could talk they wouldn't say much because their words are poisoned, but it's that kind of poison that everyone would be willing to take. you are like a man last breath. (i'm not really good with words lol)

i would really like to talk to you off anon, and you have a great way of wording things, don’t worry about that. i’m confused on why you would think that about me - but i appreciate it nonetheless. i keep reading your words over and over because they’re so sweet!

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A mix of some of my favorite tracks from yg duos
or collabs that deserve their own subunits
Jul 19 8:52 ( 853 )
I think music spreads some kind of energy in people. 
When I concentrate on something, that energy gathers
& that’s how it gets to others.
Jul 19 1:50 ( 1660 )
   hahaha no, i wasnt being sarcastic! i really think you are an interesting person. i don't know, maybe is just a thing in my head, but you look like you are more than you show. like... meh, nevermind. we never talked, and i don't want to freak you out + you might get offended by the way i "praise" (rare) people like you.

come talk to me! we all have more to us than we show, and i promise i wont turn you away. but i’d like to know why you feel that way, and trust me it’s rly hard to offend me so go on and say what you want. :D

Jul 19 1:45
   you are such an interesting person.

what makes you say that? or are you being sarcastic bc i’m literally a potato with legs

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